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Who Are We?

Transprocessing is managed by a small group of dedicated technology professionals. Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience in delivering solutions to merchants like you! Our experience includes every facet of technlogy.

  • Experience with Oracle, Sql Server, MySql, and Postgresql
  • Experience in C#, PHP, Perl
  • Experience in systems management in Linux and Windows

What have we done lately?

  • Our solutions integrate with all major carriers (FedEx, USPS (Endicia/Stamps.com), UPS)
  • Our solutions integrate with most major credit card processors as well as a lot of the smaller processors too
  • We have provided service to companies in need of achieving PCI/DSS certification.
  • We develop custom ecommerce websites for a variety of merchants. Examples include online ecig merchants, a merchant selling Bluetooth devices, and a variety of other merchants selling products online!

Are we the right vendor for you?

We will be honest and up front about whether we can help you grow your business and whether our solutions will help you support your customers better. Business relationships are built on trust. We are not looking for a lot of merchants, rather we are looking for merchants that need custom solutions.

But contact us and let us know what you need!